Protect your Data and Get Extra Peace of Mind for the New Year with DroboCare

When you buy a Drobo, our goal is to deliver an easy, stress-free experience right out of the box. Whether it’s monitoring drive health with our device lights or hot swapping disks to increase capacity, we designed our Drobo units as the simple way to store and back up your data so you can move on to more important things like snapping photos at that big wedding or editing video footage for a client.

The reality of all electronic devices is that things can happen. Despite our world-class design, you may need assistance with your Drobo from time to time. Enter our DroboCare extended support plan. Drobo always strives to deliver top-quality support to our customers, and DroboCare allows us to enhance and extend your standard hardware warranty period from the purchase date, give you total access to our knowledgeable technical team, and offer additional resources that take you beyond the typical phone support.

While we are able to offer free tech support within 90 days after purchase and replace any faulty Drobo product within the standard warranty, with DroboCare we are thrilled to go above and beyond to offer an exceptional value to our customers with this extended service, helping you keep peace of mind for your data staying protected and accessible.

Support that Doesn’t Sleep – Get Help 24 x 7
We know that your photography, creative, or other small business depends on constant access to your data, so we want to get you up and running again fast as possible. One great perk of DroboCare over the standard warranty service is our advanced same-day replacement option, so we quickly send you a new unit with paid shipping both ways without needing your return unit in-hand. This lets you get back to enjoying unprecedented data protection in mere days, at no extra cost for return shipping.

Aside from the benefits of expedited hardware returns, what if you just need some help troubleshooting those blinking lights or deciding how to upgrade your drive capacity? DroboCare customers get 24×7* technical phone support through their full one-year plan, so even if you are stressing under a deadline at 4am you can give our team a call! In addition to the phone we offer support via web portal support and use of our many online resources as well, accessible from your support account.

DroboCare to the Rescue!
If you are in the market for a new Drobo product and decide to purchase an upgrade, we will provide migration assistance under the length of your DroboCare plan, extended from the 90 days migration assistance include with our standard warranty. If any issues arise during migration and you need help moving your data around, our support team will assist you to help ensure a smooth transition.

How Do I Get DroboCare?
The DroboCare Support program is available for any products that are still covered under standard warranty, so simply add DroboCare before your term expires and relax in the knowledge that you will have uninterrupted protection and access to our support team. This is easily done after you register your Drobo and login online to activate your account, or purchase direct from our online store for both US and Europe customers.

Some DroboCare Advocates

“Thanks to Drobo and DroboCare, my replacement Drobo S is up and running! Now to import photos and update backups!” – Scott Wyden Kivowitz, Photographer

“I’ve got [DroboCare], great peace of mind, and fab support & customer service. Highly recommended.” – David Griffin, IT Consultant

“Glad I bought DroboCare, replacement unit on the way” – Don McAllister, Producer

Ready to arm your Drobo with top-notch, round the clock support to enhance your data safety net? Check out these helpful resources for more information on our DroboCare extended support program so we can continue to offer you the best experience possible with each megabyte of data your store on your Drobo. DroboCare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See DroboCare page for pricing on all personal & business units

*Exception of major holidays per region, please see the DroboCare page for exact availability.