Plex on Drobo: Your photos, music, and movies like you’ve never seen them before

plexOur lives are more digital than ever. Our pictures are no longer captured on film, our albums no longer takes whole shelves on our walls, and even our TV shows and movies are rarely consumed on physical discs anymore. We used to collect and organize these memories and entertainment in physical albums, boxes, and, once the clutter got out of hand, in our garages.

Digital media, however, does not need to end up as clutter in your life. Thanks to Drobo, storage of these digital memories is as simple and worry-free as clicking a couple of hard disks in place. And, unlike your garage, Drobos can increase their capacity to accommodate all the content of even the most prolific photographers and home video makers.

Plex gives you a simple, beautiful way to organize and access the digital media stored on your Drobo. It supports all media types, including photos, home videos, music, TV shows, and movies. You can create libraries of each one of these media types and they get sorted by title, genre, date, and much more. Finding a song or a movie in your collection has never been easier.

Thanks to Plex, playing that media has also never been easier. The web player app is full-featured and allows you to play any media type anywhere, but this is just one of the many ways to use Plex.

Plex apps can be installed on your iOS or Android devices, letting you and your family enjoy music or show photos on the go. Want to use Plex on your flat screen TV? Plex has apps for a wide range of smart TVs and streaming devices, including Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, and smart TVs from Samsung and Vizio. You can even use Plex apps on your Xbox (with Kinect support!) or PlayStation 3 or 4.

While having all of your media available at any time is great, the best feature of Plex is probably its device support. Instead of huddling over the smartphone or passing the tablet around when visiting the grandparents, why not show the kids’pictures on that big flat screen while relaxing on the couch? Just use any Plex app on any platform and cast the pictures directly from your Drobo.

Are you in a hotel and want to catch up on your favorite TV series? Bring a Chromecast with you, connect to your Drobo through Plex on one of the mobile apps, and play it on the TV.

No matter where you are, your Plex Media Server on your Drobo will make your media accessible to you. No need to worry about routers, ports, or firewalls. You can even use cloud storage to preemptively upload media that you know you’ll want to access remotely, or optimize versions of media you want for whichever device you want it on.*

Get Plex on your Drobo and start seeing your digital media like you never have before!

* Some features require purchase of a Plex subscription called Plex Pass. Please see for more information.

headshotBy: Ricardo Padilha

Ricardo is a Software Engineer at Drobo, and a DroboApp enthusiast. He has over 15 years of full-stack software development experience, in particular in the area of Distributed Systems. Ricardo is originally from Brazil, and has a PhD in Fault Tolerance for Storage on the Cloud from the Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland.